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   Kiddie Cloud Daycare is licensed by the State of California and operates from 7:30am to 5:30pm, Monday through Friday in East Corte Madera. We offer all meals daily (see menu), we are equipped with a 24/7 camera monitoring system and all residents of the house and staff are certified in CPR, First Aid, Preventative Health and Safety Training, Fingerprinted and have Medical Clearance.
    At Kiddie Cloud  our children have an organized routine, a safe, warm, clean, friendly and comfortable environment which supports and encourages them in all stages of their development.
    As a mother, I know the importance and dedication with which we take care of our children. Therefore, each child is cared for with the same care and support that I have with my children.
    Every day I cook organic food with a varied menu. I pride myself on making sure we provide safe and healthy food options for our children.
    Expect your child to learn and express themself while getting to know their bodies and the world around them through multiple languages. It is my job to nurture these forms of expression and each child's curiosities. 
    Respect for others and nature, individuality, the needs of each child, the transitions between phases, everything is worked on together with the families. I want to make sure we are aligned with expectations while also creating a light, fun, colorful and positive environment for your child to excel in. Free and directed play, storytelling, encouraging fantasy and imagination are significant actions in child development and in building the storage "cloud" in each child's head.

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We're open:

Monday to Friday
7:30am - 5:30pm

School Bus

Kiddie Cloud Daycare
Alinne Gomes


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For the safety and privacy of our children, our address is not disclosed.
Thank you for understanding.


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